Hot tub sales, construction, service, maintenance


We sell and install custom wood barrel hot tubs. Our tubs can be made of Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, or Teak wood.

You choose size/type of heater, number and positioning of jets, type of cover, type of bands, type of pump (DB measurements available), control system (remote, analog, home network connected), benches, sanitization, home networking (WiFi), size of filter, shape and size of barrel, etc..


We service all wood barrel hot tubs and some fiberglass tubs that have external equipment set-ups.  We do not service fiberglass self-contained units (Hot Springs, Sundance, Jacuzzi, Dimension One, etc...).

Shoot us an email about your problem tub! We'll come out for a diagnosis visit and than send an estimate for repair.


Every hot tub owner knows that the one difficult aspect of hot tub ownership can be maintenance. You want the water to be clean when you get off work and are ready to get in. If the water is ignored, it will begin its devolution into primordial ooze.

Sullivan Waterworks offers bi-monthly maintenance to keep your water clean and ready for dipping. We net the debris, vacuum the sediment, clean the filter(s), balance the water, and clean the cover. We provide all the chemicals your tub may need and keep note of your ozonator's or ionizer's recommended replacement time. 

We also offer a recommended bi-annual "drain n' fill". We drain the tub, vacuum residual water from the plumbing, clean and refill the tub, then balance and shock the water, clean the cover, and do a full systems check. 

If you are determined to do the maintenance yourself we offer chemicals, test strips, nets, vacuums, filters, and rubber duckies. We are also available if you have any questions about hot tub maintenance. Just send an email or call: or 415.420.1481


We sell high quality ionizers. They last 20 years and eliminate the need for excessive harsh sanitizers. They are made with copper, zinc, and silver and sanitize with metal ions. Great for wood tubs! Chlorine, bromine and UV/ozone can be bad for you and bad for the wood, so ionizers are a great solution for your wood tub.


Balancing your water is generally pretty easy. Doing it regularly is the hard part. It's easy to forget about your hot tub when you are not using it.

You will need some test strips, ph increaser (water in the bay area, generally, needs increaser), spa shock, and chlorine or bromine. Simply run a test strip through the water and observe the color. Compare the colors on your strip to the chart on the test strip tube. Most likely your ph will be low. Start with adding ph increaser by the tablespoon until you get it in the [OK] or [Ideal] range on the color chart on your test strips tube. If your alkalinity is still way out, you can get alkalinity increaser or decreaser (generally not necessary). 

Next you will add the appropriate amount of sanitizer (chlorine or bromine). If you do this before the ph and/or alkalinity test, you will get an inaccurate reading. If you have an ozonator, you may not need to add as much as the strip says. Add by the teaspoon until the desired amount is reached.

Every hot tub has different gallonage, different environment, and different users. Every tub is going to be a little particular about its chemical cocktail. If you have a lot of kids for instance, you will find that your tub needs more chlorine. A certain tree in your yard may make ph balancing a little tough during a certain time of year etc......

However, I will in the near future post some chemical/gallonage specs.
And remember, keep a routine!